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An in-depth view of our security testing services

Every day about 5 million data records are stolen from companies. Not only does this hurt the reputation of the company, it also causes lots of trouble in the financial and legal aspects of the company itself. In order to prevent this, we highly recommend you to always update your services and hire professional penetration testers whose profession it is to find vulnerabilities in your system.


Ekript Development always tries to stay one step ahead of hackers in order to prevent security breaches. Therefore Ekript develops their own penetration testing software, but also uses the Metasploit Framework, to simulate real world data breaches. Not only limited to software data breaches, Ekript also endeavours the use of social engineering and hardware hacking.

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The ongoing process of progression through new development of penetration testing software makes Ekript Development one of the most modern and worthwhile companies for information security in Switzerland.


After Ekript Development has successfully designed a penetration testing program, we try to use the developed software in various ways to expose vulnerabilites in test and real systems.


Through decisive analysis, Ekript searches solutions to the given vulnerabilites and attempts to document every single step we had taken to make patching easy and longlasting.


We work hard to meet all deadlines and deliver the best possible penetration testing experience for your company. The delivery contains various test results and solutions to the vulnerabilites. A final sheet gives further tips on educating personel for real data breaches, which may occur.