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We are all about information security, innovation and modern software solutions.

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Founded in early 2017, Ekript Development began to conquer the cybersecurity world in Switzerland. With new projects, like incorperating artificial intelligence as a new way of fortifying security in our systems, Ekript Development has paved its way as one of the most innovative and modern cybersecurity businesses in the east of Switzerland. With ongoing progress, the Ekript Development Team tries to stay ahead of other companies through integrating young and clever people, who are interested in computer science.


With currently holding 2 employees, we would love an addition to our team. We are looking for creative students, who love to spend their time solving problems and programming, know a few things about networks in general and want to innovate the world with new inventions all around the world. If you are interested, please feel free to write us a simple application here.


Ekript Development also offers courses for further education for free. In our blog, we reveal most of our work and studies done on cybersecurity for you to learn from. Providing development of exploits, guides for using certain scripts and other modules, Ekript Development most likely gives the most in-depth view of penetration testing on the whole internet.